On and off these days…

I try to do my workouts during my noon break at the office Mon-Wed-Fri but some times other things come up and I am forced to skip or shift.

Last week was one of those times, I was only able to workout on Tue and Wed, first being a the 300 Meltdown and second being full body-weight only (12 minutes of interval Burpees to be more precise).

This week I hope to be back on track with yet another Easy Kettlebell 30 minutes routine with a slight difference. Lately I noticed that I tend to slack on form and technique as my arms got stronger and I’m still at 16kg for the Kettlebell. Primary drive of the core and hip almost disappeared and I feel like I’m going backwards with my strength and stamina.

Therefore today’s focus was almost exclusively on tightening the core and hips for proper drive rather then speed and quantity.

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