Back to Square One

Going straight to 32 kg today after 20 months with 16 kg (last 2 months doing TGUs with 24kg) got my arse kicked properly.

I feel like I’m starting anew. I originally planned on doing the GtG routine I do lately then throw in a 10 minute 40-20 swing session to kill me off for good.

Well, I only managed 10 TGUs (5L-5R), 10 Pistol Squats (5L-5R), barely did the 40-20 for two minutes and I was done. Sitting on the floor… barely, because I had to work my thighs like I haven’t in a looong time. After doing 5 inclined pushups I called it a day.

I might consider going back to the Easy 20 Kettlebell Workout to get things rolling again with the 32 kg.

Never look back, never back down, stay alert and act sensibly.

Time For Proper Pull-ups!

I have suck at pull-ups for as long as I know myself. So what good are 32 kg Turkish Get-ups when you can hardly manage one full range proper pull-up or chin-up?

Therefore I decided to add 10 pull-ups to my daily Grease the Groove fun. A progressive approach makes sense, as it will help reducing or even preventing shoulder strain and tendinitis, injuries often experienced in the process of mastering pull-ups.

Todays GtG:

10 24 kg TGUs (did 32 kg yesterday so I lessened the load)

10 one leg assisted pull-ups

10 one legged slow push-ups

10 one legged squats (pistol squats)

32 kg Turkish Getups!

Well after three weeks of GtG TGUs with 24 kg today was the day where I was finally able to do 10 repetitions of 32 kg TGUs back to back (3L-3R-2L-2R) 🙂

I am a bit sore as this a whole new dimension for my body but I am happy I made the step up there. I’ll keep working on this.

Today’s noon time workout:

10 32 kg TGUs

10 One legged squats (pistols) (5L-5R)

15 Slow pushups

5 Half pullups (I am miserable at these and need to focus more)

2 Laps of Farmer Walk with 18 kilo weights (one lap on each side around a basketball field)


Then I did barbell snatches and cleans just for the fun of it. 2x 40 kg sntaches where relatively easy (even after all the stuff done above), and 2x 60 kg cleans where also quite solid. I know thats not much but its not something I am for anyway.

Two Weeks of daily Turkish Getups

The last two weeks I was on leave to help my wife studying by taking take of our energizer bunny son which meant less then usual time for throwing around kettlebells 🙂

So I made the decision to do at least 10 TGUs (5 very slow ones on each side making the routine 4-5 minutes long) each day, throw in 5-15 very slow pushups where possible to stimulate my muscles and to maintain.

I missed out on one or two days and did double on others but all in all I kept the consistency so I’m happy with it.

As an added bonus I tied my 16 kg KB with my wives 8 kg KB to get an odd shaped but functional 24 kg KB which was way more grip friendly then a 24 kg dumbbell. 🙂

Trying out 32 kg and 24 kg Dumbbells *Ouch*

First off, I definitely need to move up from the 16 kg Kettlebell, today’s experiment made this very clear to me.

I have done,

75 reps (25-15-10-10-15) two handed swings with an asymmetric 32+ kg dumbbell (3 x 10 kg plates on one side and one 2.5 kg plate acting as an excuse for a handle on the other end 🙂 )

10 reps (1L-1R-1L-1R-1L-1R-1L-1R-1L-1R) of Turkish Get-Ups with a 24 kg dumbbell

I was once again, after many months, forced to concentrate on my form and technique, way less reps from what I did with the 16 kg KB but more challenging which is what it is all about really.

Now I need to find Kettlebells of the right size as both exercises were very painful for my hands and wrists since you need a proper handle for the swing and be able to lean the weight towards your forearm in order to keep your hand inline with your arm (the dumbbell forced me to carry it with my palm facing upwards putting excessive stress on my wrists).

You may wonder “Why the fuss about finding the right size Kettlebells?”, well I live in Istanbul, Kettlebells are not very popular here despite the historical background of old time Turkish strong men using them and the very fact an exercise has its name originating from hereabouts (Turkish Get-Up). So finding a decent one is not an easy task (few places sell the vinyl variations which are basically junk. I should know as my 16 kg KB is a Vinyl one from York Fitness.

I started with a 16 kg Kettlebell one year ago still use it and …

Well I finally realized that despite my intention to stay with it and increase the difficulty of the moves that I have reached a plato in my progress.

Ballistic moves, most notably the swing, are not effective anymore and what is even more important, since I am not challenged by the weight, my technique has suffered severely. I have lost my form.

After doing 150 2H swings, 150 mountain climbers and 20 clean presses (10 on each side), I decided to tried the Turkish Get Up with 24 kg dumbbells and 2H swings with both 24 kg and 32 kg. Tough job, especially the TGU.

Hence I decided to get myself both the 24 kg and the 32 kg, for strength moves and ballistic moves in that order 🙂