Apparently… I Mean Obviously I Lack Grip Strength

The title says it all.

As mentioned in the last post, the 32 kg kettlebell sent me back to square one and then a bit further down.

I tried the Easy 30 Kettlebell workout from and failed miserably. ­čÖü

I haven’t been doing ballistic moves for more then 2 months, just the TGUs with some bodyweight thrown in. I am out of proper form and more importantly my support grip strength is not up to the task of holding or moving the 32 kg kettlebell.

With the TGU you can have some of the weight rest on your forearm and you hold it still. Whereas with almost all the moves in the Easy 30 the kettlebell moves as well.

I decided that I go all the way back to the very basics as I┬ábarely┬ámanage 30 seconds of swings single┬áhanded┬á┬ádon’t even ask me about snatches ­čÖü

I am also in the search for supportive moves to improve my grip strength as without that nothing goes and using things like wrist supports feels like cheating to me.

But I do have decided to cheat on another area until I get the strength up: Supplements

Yes I will resume using L-Carnitine right before training, whey protein right after and Multivitamins daily for a short period of time until I’m comfortable again. I know its cheating your energy levels up and I still stand my ground that in the long run supplements are the wolf in sheep skin but this helped to get started with the 16 kg so it might very well help me with the huge leap to 32 kg this time around. May be not, but I intent to try.

I’ll keep you guys posted about the progress.