Blood under my calluses on my hands

Well today should have been a rest day for me but I just couldn’t sit tight and had to go for what I call a “Cardio Rest Day”.

All swell (though unnecessarily ambitious) but my choice of workout proved to be painful at the end.

I decided to do 300 alternating one handed kettlebell swings.

As a result, although it served the purpose for being a decent cardio workout, it also gave me my first ever in life (I’m 35) blood under the calluses I have (from doing KB exercises) on BOTH hands!

Bummer! I will try to come up with some workout tomorrow which will not make things worse. The calluses are currently not very painful so I will do nothing and wait for them to get hard enough to pull off eventually.

Nasty stuff but a little price to pay for the benefits of the Kettlebell.


Cheers 🙂