32 kg Turkish Getups!

Well after three weeks of GtG TGUs with 24 kg today was the day where I was finally able to do 10 repetitions of 32 kg TGUs back to back (3L-3R-2L-2R) 🙂

I am a bit sore as this a whole new dimension for my body but I am happy I made the step up there. I’ll keep working on this.

Today’s noon time workout:

10 32 kg TGUs

10 One legged squats (pistols) (5L-5R)

15 Slow pushups

5 Half pullups (I am miserable at these and need to focus more)

2 Laps of Farmer Walk with 18 kilo weights (one lap on each side around a basketball field)


Then I did barbell snatches and cleans just for the fun of it. 2x 40 kg sntaches where relatively easy (even after all the stuff done above), and 2x 60 kg cleans where also quite solid. I know thats not much but its not something I am for anyway.

Grease the Groove with TGU Extended Version

Well I’m afraid this is getting beyond the GtG definition approaching a full workout set status:

10 TGUs (slow 5 on each side)

10 One legged squats aka pistols (5 on each side)

3×10 slow pushups

In addition I did some stair running, box jumps, ninja squats and farmer walks today but usual routine is the above one. One at noon and one in the evening where possible.

I am very happy that I am finally able to do proper one legged squats 5 times back to back. Pretty sure this is the work of the TGUs I do regularly lately as it forces you to improve cross body muscle coordination which helps a lot with the pistols IMHO.


Two Weeks of daily Turkish Getups

The last two weeks I was on leave to help my wife studying by taking take of our energizer bunny son which meant less then usual time for throwing around kettlebells 🙂

So I made the decision to do at least 10 TGUs (5 very slow ones on each side making the routine 4-5 minutes long) each day, throw in 5-15 very slow pushups where possible to stimulate my muscles and to maintain.

I missed out on one or two days and did double on others but all in all I kept the consistency so I’m happy with it.

As an added bonus I tied my 16 kg KB with my wives 8 kg KB to get an odd shaped but functional 24 kg KB which was way more grip friendly then a 24 kg dumbbell. 🙂