Are we really as diverse as we like to believe?

Lately as I look around, at work, in the city, around our home, wherever I go… Even on the Internet, in the movies, on the television.

I see similar faces and appearances.

Maybe I let my mind play me games but the more I observe people around me, looking for similarities the more I believe there are a very certain set of looks all of humans ever had/have/will have.

It could be hundreds or thousands I can’t know the exact number but its definitely not billions.

We all share similar facial and anatomical prototypes (I might dare to call templates).

What makes us “unique” comes from within, as we all share differing experiences.


But we still are pretty much alike.


That’s why there is a Facebook app where you match yourself or people you know with celebrities. I don’t like or spend much time in Facebook, this is just an example out of many.