Mens Health Spartacus Workout

It’s time to re-visit a workout from a source that usually isn’t: Mens Health Magazine 🙂

But this workout inspired by the Starz television series Spartacus is a real piece of work.

It’s a 60-15 High Intensity Interval Workout with exercises that work almost every muscle in your body. Click here for the page on Mens Health website and here to download the poster PDF which you can print having all exercises in one page. You can also download a MP3 from the WorkoutMuse website for free. This way you don’t have to keep track of your time yourself. Its rather generic so you can re-arrange or change the exercises to create different 60-15 10 exercise workouts on your own.

Since I only have a 16kg Kettlebell and no interest in buying dumbbells I slightly modified the workout to my needs and condition:

Station 1 Kettlebell Goblet Squat (Hold Kettlebell at chest level)
Station 2 Mountain Climber
Station 3 Single-arm Kettlebell Swing (The real deal :) )
Station 4 T-pushup (16kg too heavy for me, did it weightless)
Station 5 Split Jump
Station 6 Kettlebell row (30 seconds on each side)
Station 7 Kettlebell side lunge and touch
          (KB in opposite hand and switching at touch point)
Station 8 Pushup-position row
          (Uneven pushup position with single KB rotating to alternate)
Station 9 Kettlebell lunge and rotation
Station 10 Kettlebell push press (Single KB 30 seconds on each side)

Did this in 60-30 exercise-rest intervals for two sets. With a 16kg Kettlebell this was intense enough for me 😀