Easy 20 Kettlebell Workout with 32 kg

So what was I up to since my last post?

I went back to basics, just as I said, doing the Easy 20 Kettlebell Workout with the 32 kg Kettlebell which is basically a stripped down version of the Easy 30. Just enough load to keep me out of breath nevertheless.

Still can’t do proper one handed swings and, obviously, snatches with the 32 so I try my best with the swings and switch to the 16 kg bell for the snatches, focusing on form and technique.

Back to Square One

Going straight to 32 kg today after 20 months with 16 kg (last 2 months doing TGUs with 24kg) got my arse kicked properly.

I feel like I’m starting anew. I originally planned on doing the GtG routine I do lately then throw in a 10 minute 40-20 swing session to kill me off for good.

Well, I only managed 10 TGUs (5L-5R), 10 Pistol Squats (5L-5R), barely did the 40-20 for two minutes and I was done. Sitting on the floor… barely, because I had to work my thighs like I haven’t in a looong time. After doing 5 inclined pushups I called it a day.

I might consider going back to the Easy 20 Kettlebell Workout to get things rolling again with the 32 kg.

Never look back, never back down, stay alert and act sensibly.

Taking it easy but…

Since I had to shift my Monday workout to Tuesday and decided to stick with the routine days I did another Easy 30 Kettlebell workout today to take it easy.

It indeed was not much of a challenge but now an hour later as the things settle I feel  the slight pain in my left shoulder joint is back. I guess I can blame the lying Kettlebell presses for this or the fact I’ve been exercising two days in a row without a recovery day… or both 🙂

I’m looking around on the web for more variety in my workouts to keep it interesting for my body. It adopts quite fast on well known and overused workouts like this one.

Watch out for new things in the coming days and take care 😉