Easy 30 Kettlebell Workout Day

Since I did a 300 Workout yesterday (which I should have done Monday but more important matters pressed), I did the Easy 30 Kettlebell Workout to take it “easy” 🙂

This is the workout I did initially when getting into Kettlebells, well actually I did the Easy 20 which is a slightly stripped down version. 30 and 20 stand for minutes it takes to complete the workout.

Its basically a time based interval training workout for which more details can be found at LiftKettlebells.com . You can download mp3 files where you get instructed when to do what which comes in handy if you don’t have a interval timer to help you. The MP3s have two versions, with background music and instructions only so you can mix your own music on top of it 🙂

Give it a try and don’t let the name fool you. Its quite a nice workout for all but the most hardcore guys/gals 😉

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