Back to basics

After 2 months not working out, I thought its better to make my way back taking things slow, so I did the following for 5 sets with about a minutes rests in between:

With a 24kg Kettlebell:
5 Kettlebell Presses Over Head
5 Kettlebell Rows
5 Kettlebell Swings
5 Kettlebell Squats
First all right handed then all over left handed
15kg per hand Dumbbell Farmers Walk for 1 minute

This routine pretty much did it for me, especially grip was fading towards the end.

On an unrelated side note, some small people with over-inflated egos defaced the site with a script kiddie page like it was a big deal.
Yeah I use WordPress, yeah it used to have, has, will have exploitable bugs, I am well aware of it and this is just a personal site sharing personal experiences. Don’t pat yourself on your puny hung shoulders for this so called accomplishment. This does not make you uber hackers, just lazy lamers.
I pity you fools πŸ™‚ ‘nouf said…

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