200 Snatches

Did the 200 snatches mentioned in this dragondoor article today with the 16 kg Kettlebell as an off day(!)  exercise 🙂

I was able (obviously) to do it under 10 minutes and finished off with 10 Turkish GetUps (5 on each side).

Now I have swollen calluses which I didn’t have for a long while. Reason for this, I have short fingers and the handle of the cheap @ss 16 kg KB is quite thick. So I can not do a finger lock properly which would have made things much easier.

Plain Swinging

Done 150 two handed kettlebell swings in 6 sets of 25 reps, calluses becoming back part of my appearance.

Added 10  inclined push-ups, 10 pull-ups (from the edge of a table) and 10 pistol squats. Lots of stretching and rest in between as I still kind of strain my lower back a bit, trying to get used to the much heavier weight.

I will try to increase the reps and decrease the sets, maybe 3 sets 0f 50 reps? I hope my hands and forearms do agree with this 🙂

Half 300 Kettlebell Workout

Well on Wednesday, stubborn as I act lately, I decided to keep working out, and did a half 300 Kettlebell Workout despite the blood filled calluses on both my hands.

Needless to say, one of them blew up on me early in the exercises and to my surprise it wasn’t painful at all (just a bit messy).

Anyway, the half 300 Kettlebell workout is as follows:

25 Snatches (5 Left hand then blood 10 right hand 10 left hand)

25 Plank to Push-up position

25 Alternating One Handed Kettlebell Swings (Starting on the left)

25 Burpees (just plank and jump no push-up)

5 Turkish Get-ups (Left)

5 Windmills (Right)

5 Windmills (Left)

5 Turkish Get-ups (Right)

30 Mountain Climbers

Blood under my calluses on my hands

Well today should have been a rest day for me but I just couldn’t sit tight and had to go for what I call a “Cardio Rest Day”.

All swell (though unnecessarily ambitious) but my choice of workout proved to be painful at the end.

I decided to do 300 alternating one handed kettlebell swings.

As a result, although it served the purpose for being a decent cardio workout, it also gave me my first ever in life (I’m 35) blood under the calluses I have (from doing KB exercises) on BOTH hands!

Bummer! I will try to come up with some workout tomorrow which will not make things worse. The calluses are currently not very painful so I will do nothing and wait for them to get hard enough to pull off eventually.

Nasty stuff but a little price to pay for the benefits of the Kettlebell.


Cheers 🙂