15-15 Snatches and ISOs

Working on my grip so I’m doing dialed back 15-15 snatches and also some ISOs… Not that I know what ISOs are but anyway here is what I did:

15 seconds Right Hand Snatch
15 seconds rest
15 seconds Left Hand Snatch
15 seconds rest
for 10 reps and my hands started to lose it…
5 minutes rest
2 minutes straight arm plank
1 minute rest
1 minute straight arm plank
30 seconds rest
30 seconds straight arm plank
1 minute rest
1 minute plank
1 minute rest
1 minute Right Hand over head lockout
30 seconds rest
1 minute Left Hand over head lockout
30 seconds rest
45 seconds Right Hand over head lockout
15 seconds rest
45 seconds Left Hand over head lockout
105 seconds rest
210 seconds Two handed deadlift top lockout

Basic Kettlebell Move Combos

Was doing the following routine for the last couple of months in a 60-15 interval fashion:

- Kettlebell Squats (KB in Right Hand)
- Pushups
- 1 Handed Kettlebell Swings (Right Hand)
- Turkish Get-Ups (Right Hand)
- Kettlebell Squats (KB in Left Hand)
- Pushups
- 1 Handed Kettlebell Swings (Left Hand)
- Turkish Get-Ups (Left Hand)
- Kettlebell Goblet Squats
- Pushups
- 2 Handed Kettlebell Swings
- Turkish Get-Ups (Right Hand then Left Hand)

This is one set of 20 minutes with 30 seconds of lead and 90 seconds of trail time.
Usually one set will do but you can repeat as many as you want, just watch your form and grip strength.

Last two weeks I alternated the above with this one, exercises are back to back with 1 minute or so rest in between:

- 3 1H KB Swings (R)
- 3 KB High Pulls (R)
- 3 KB Snatches (R)
- 3 KB Windmills (R)
- 3 KB Squats (R)
- 3 KB Reverse Lunges (R)
- 3 KB Jerks (R)
- 3 KB Presses (R)
- 1 TGU (R) (First down the up)
- 3 Pushups
- 3 1H KB Swings (L)
- 3 KB High Pulls (L)
- 3 KB Snatches (L)
- 3 KB Windmills (L)
- 3 KB Squats (L)
- 3 KB Reverse Lunges (L)
- 3 KB Jerks (L)
- 3 KB Presses (L)
- 1 TGU (L) (First down the up)
- 3 Pushups

2 sets of the above is a decent workout, I sometimes dared to complete 3 sets 🙂

This week I added another flavor to the mix:

- 5 Double KB Push Presses
- 5 Double KB Rows
- 5 Double KB Swings
- 5 Double KB Squats
- Double KB Farmers Walk (for about a minute)
- Rest for a minute or less

As I do not own a second 24 kg KB, I did a asymmetrical double with a 16 kg KB. 4 sets of this and I was good to hit the showers 🙂

200 Snatches

Did the 200 snatches mentioned in this dragondoor article today with the 16 kg Kettlebell as an off day(!)  exercise 🙂

I was able (obviously) to do it under 10 minutes and finished off with 10 Turkish GetUps (5 on each side).

Now I have swollen calluses which I didn’t have for a long while. Reason for this, I have short fingers and the handle of the cheap @ss 16 kg KB is quite thick. So I can not do a finger lock properly which would have made things much easier.

One Step Down For The Better

So 5 months ago, I got myself a 32 kg Kettlebell, thought I can handle it after successfully wielding a 32 kg dumbell in Turkish Get-ups.

Well, turned out that I am yet to develop the necessary grip strength to handle that thing in ballistic moves. Two handed swings are quite OK, one handed swings… not there yet, snatches… well these are the next step after one handed swings so not even close 🙂

Easy 30 Kettlebell Workout with Mixed Weights

Its been three months since my last post, no spectacular changes, only consistency and perseverance.

Not trying to downplay anything, being consistent and persevering is not a small deed. At least not for me anyway. It requires mental strength and discipline. Both very prone to reluctance, one of the major diseases of our age ruled by attention deficit disorder.

My grip was quite weak when I first started using the 32 kg kettlebell, this is still work in progress.

The Easy 30 Kettlebell Workout from www.liftkettlebells.com is a good mix of ballistic and strength moves with the Kettlebell with some bodyweight exercises thrown in to help balance the load and enhance recovery. Here is how I do it these days:

30s Jumping Jacks 
30s Body Squats 
60s 2H Swings 32kg 
30s Rest 
30s Front Squat L 16kg 
30s Front Squat R 16kg 
30s Rest 
60s Windmill L 32kg 5 reps only then rest
60s Windmill R 32kg 5 reps only then rest
30s 2H Swings Waist High 32kg 
30s 2H Swings Head High 32kg 
30s Swings L 16kg 
30s Swings R 16kg 
60s Rest 
30s Military Press L 16kg 
30s Military Press R 16kg 
30s Rest 
60s Jumping Jacks 
30s Pushups 
60s Rest 
60s 2H Swings 16kg 
30s 2H Swings Overhead 16kg 
60s Rest 
60s One Armed Rows 8 on each side 32kg 
30s Rest 
30s One Armed Rows 4 on each side 32kg 
30s Rest 
45s Pullovers 16kg 
30s Floor Press L 16kg 
30s Floor Press R 16kg 
30s Floor Press L 16kg 
30s Floor Press R 16kg 
30s Pullovers 16kg 
60s Rest 
60s One Armed Rows 8 on each side 32kg 
30s Rest 
30s One Armed Rows 4 on each side 32kg 
30s Rest 
60s Jumping Jacks 
60s Rest 
30s Snatch L 16kg 
30s Snatch R 16kg 
60s Snatch L 16kg 
60s Snatch R 16kg 
30s Snatch L 16kg 
30s Snatch R 16kg

Easy 20 Kettlebell Workout with 32 kg

So what was I up to since my last post?

I went back to basics, just as I said, doing the Easy 20 Kettlebell Workout with the 32 kg Kettlebell which is basically a stripped down version of the Easy 30. Just enough load to keep me out of breath nevertheless.

Still can’t do proper one handed swings and, obviously, snatches with the 32 so I try my best with the swings and switch to the 16 kg bell for the snatches, focusing on form and technique.

What I am up to lately? Turkish Getups :)

Two months have passed since my last post.

I have slowed things down a bit since then, exercise-wise.

With more focus on the Turkish Getup and complementary body weight movements doing them SLOW!

Yes, you heard me, slow. I realized I was rushing the moves lately, resulting in sloppy style not utilizing the core muscles properly. For some moves slower is better if you are not opting for cardio and/or endurance. Well you kinda get the endurance bit with slow.

Last time around I mentioned doing TGUs with the 36-36 HIIT protocol and I did. I was able to squeeze (literally) 4 TGUs inside 36 seconds. I thought I was super, I thought “Well this has gotten easy with the 16 kg kettlebell, I definitely need to move up to 24 kg”.

While I still should get the 24 kg for the ballistic moves (swings snatches etc.) I couldn’t be more wrong about my mastery of the TGU using the 16 kg bell.

I took it the other way around, stretching a single full TGU cycle over 40-50 seconds, doing proper footwork, stance and the bridge.

Turned out that 5 reps on each side at this pace was a complete workout on its own. Really working all the muscles that should get involved… properly! 🙂

Now I am taking the slow path for non-ballistic kettlebell moves to improve form, stability and balance. I also slowed down the cardio moves like for example the squat thrust.

This way I revisited the 300 Meltdown Kettlebel workout. Taking it slower to improve and emphasize proper form instead of rushing the moves trying to beat the time made a world of difference as how my muscles feel and look 😉


Turkish Get Up Combo Workout

After a short holiday down south for 5 days I am back with another Turkish Get Up workout in form of a combo set:

Starting out with 5 Snatches (preferably on your weaker side) then switch to 1 TGU while the kettlebell is over your head, get down then up, rack it on your chest and do 5 squats then 5 presses then 5 cleans and finally 5 1 handed swings where after you switch hands (or if you need to rest, do rest) and do the same super set with your other hand. Repeat this cycle 5 times with appropriate rests in between. I took 1-2 minute rests in 2-1-2 fashion.

This workout was taken from the fine site http://trainersteve.tumblr.com/post/9584433175

15-15 Kettlebell Snatch Interval Training 50 Sets!

I came across this article while searching for some links to use in my previous post:

Kettlebell Snatching on a Warrior Diet!

I lately tried to use more weight with less repetitions to improve my strength and this article is a bit on the other side of the spectrum. It makes you do Kettlebell Snatches in 15 second work 15 second rest fashion for 25 minutes! Thats 50 sets but hey 15 seconds doesn’t sound like much work right?

Wrong! After a couple of sets the forced rest makes each consecutive set a tiny bit more challenging and depending on your current form you start sweating like a pig half way through.

I paced myself at 6 snatches per set and kept this rhythm throughout the workout. Thats 300 snatches in total, not bad. I could go faster but with the cheap*ss vinyl kettlebell of mine, I would have ripped away everything inside my hands. Even at this pace I managed to get calluses immediately, one even filled with blood then popped open and I had to use my training towel to clean the handle.

I kind of liked this 15-15 HIIT thing and I started to wonder how it would be to use this 15-15 50 sets thing and to Turkish Getups?

I used the Tabata Clock from Hans-Christian Sperker (its Beerware so if you like the tool buy him a beer 🙂 ) and recorded that with Audacity as a MP3 file. Audacity can use several files and mix them together so you can put some music behind the metallic voice of the Tabata Clock but I didn’t have time for that and also, since its a 15-15 interval, that metallic voice was almost always there 🙂