46 kg (101 lbs) Dumbbell Turkish Get Up

Today was exercise day, so I did my swing, TGU, goblet squat routine with 32 and 24 kg KBs.
Then tried 46 kg dumbbell get ups as part of the GtG effort. Did a really sloppy, bad shape, injury bordering get up on my strong right side. Tried on the left but my hand was too sweaty and I was not really ready to push. So I removed two 2.5 kg plates and only(!) did it with 41 kg on the left.

No point injuring yourself. I think I’ll stick to 44 kg GtGs for another week or so before uping it.

44 kg (97 lbs) Dumbbell Turkish Get Up TGU

Two weeks after doing Turkish Get Ups (TGUs) with a 41 kg dumbbell for the first time, I decided to give it a go with a 44 kg (97 lbs) Dumbbell on my rest day.

Considerably better form, solid up, with some stability corrections but nonetheless successful on both side on the first try 🙂

I will need to put up some videos and pictures or nobody is going to believe me anymore 😛

Greasing the Groove (GtG) is fun and motivating.

41 kg (90 lb) Dumbbell Turkish Get Up TGU

Adding the weight of the dumbbell bar it turns out to actually be 41 kg (90 lb).
Today I just did this TGU to grease the groove (GTG).
Did it first try on my strong side (right) after two warm up TGUs with 21 kg.
Took me three tries on my weak side (left) after same warm up.

Form and flow not perfect… yet. 🙂
But thats why we do GTG exercises.

Back to Square One

Going straight to 32 kg today after 20 months with 16 kg (last 2 months doing TGUs with 24kg) got my arse kicked properly.

I feel like I’m starting anew. I originally planned on doing the GtG routine I do lately then throw in a 10 minute 40-20 swing session to kill me off for good.

Well, I only managed 10 TGUs (5L-5R), 10 Pistol Squats (5L-5R), barely did the 40-20 for two minutes and I was done. Sitting on the floor… barely, because I had to work my thighs like I haven’t in a looong time. After doing 5 inclined pushups I called it a day.

I might consider going back to the Easy 20 Kettlebell Workout to get things rolling again with the 32 kg.

Never look back, never back down, stay alert and act sensibly.

Working Back

Pull-ups chin-ups… Still working on proper full range but decided to take a stepped approach. At the office I pull myself up quickly do slow declines from the top chin-up position. No hurry, feeling all the pain slow. At home I use the edge of the dinner table, body firm and aligned, only the heels touching the ground but without giving any support to the movement.

I try to do at least one of these or, if I can manage my time, both the noon and the evening exercises.

The routine is still pretty much the same: 10 TGUs (5L-5R) 10 Pistol Squats (5L-5R) 10 Chin-ups 10 One legged push-ups (5L-5R)

Time For Proper Pull-ups!

I have suck at pull-ups for as long as I know myself. So what good are 32 kg Turkish Get-ups when you can hardly manage one full range proper pull-up or chin-up?

Therefore I decided to add 10 pull-ups to my daily Grease the Groove fun. A progressive approach makes sense, as it will help reducing or even preventing shoulder strain and tendinitis, injuries often experienced in the process of mastering pull-ups.

Todays GtG:

10 24 kg TGUs (did 32 kg yesterday so I lessened the load)

10 one leg assisted pull-ups

10 one legged slow push-ups

10 one legged squats (pistol squats)