Basics 300 Kettlebell Workout

Warm up, stretch routines
80 Kettlebell Swings
30 seconds rest
10 Turkish Getups (3L-3R-2L-2R)
30 seconds rest
60 Kettlebell Swings
30 seconds rest
20 Windmills (5L-5R-5L-5R)
30 second rest
50 One Armed Rows (9L-9R-30s rest-8L-8R-30s rest-8L-8R)
30 second rest
40 Kettlebell Swings
30 seconds rest
10 Pushups (as strict and slow as possible)
10 Squats (slow)
10 Pushups (as strict and slow as possible)
10 Squats (slow)
Stretch and cool down

46 kg (101 lbs) Dumbbell Turkish Get Up

Today was exercise day, so I did my swing, TGU, goblet squat routine with 32 and 24 kg KBs.
Then tried 46 kg dumbbell get ups as part of the GtG effort. Did a really sloppy, bad shape, injury bordering get up on my strong right side. Tried on the left but my hand was too sweaty and I was not really ready to push. So I removed two 2.5 kg plates and only(!) did it with 41 kg on the left.

No point injuring yourself. I think I’ll stick to 44 kg GtGs for another week or so before uping it.

44 kg (97 lbs) Dumbbell Turkish Get Up TGU

Two weeks after doing Turkish Get Ups (TGUs) with a 41 kg dumbbell for the first time, I decided to give it a go with a 44 kg (97 lbs) Dumbbell on my rest day.

Considerably better form, solid up, with some stability corrections but nonetheless successful on both side on the first try 🙂

I will need to put up some videos and pictures or nobody is going to believe me anymore 😛

Greasing the Groove (GtG) is fun and motivating.

41 kg (90 lb) Dumbbell Turkish Get Up TGU

Adding the weight of the dumbbell bar it turns out to actually be 41 kg (90 lb).
Today I just did this TGU to grease the groove (GTG).
Did it first try on my strong side (right) after two warm up TGUs with 21 kg.
Took me three tries on my weak side (left) after same warm up.

Form and flow not perfect… yet. 🙂
But thats why we do GTG exercises.

Turkish Get-Up with 40 kg Dumbbell

After a condensed session of latest exercise routine:
2x (20 A1H KB Swing 32 kg – 2 TGUs Left/Right 32 kg – 10 Goblet Squats 32 kg – 90s walk – 400m run – 90s walk)
1x (60 A1H KB Swing 24 kg – 6 TGUs Left/Right 24 kg)

I have put 4 10 kg (22 lb) plates on a dumbbell bar and tried the TGU on my strong side (right).
1. try: I was dripping wet with sweat (hot day) and immediately sliding all over when laying on the floor, so I put down the weight right after I was able to hold it above my chest.
2. try: This time I was laying on a non slipping surface (piece of carpet) so sweat was not an issue but I was not concentrated enough and had to quit after a half TGU.
3. try: Put on Machinehead by Bush got in the “Zone” and pulled a decent TGU (although not quite Khalos Stenos style).

Happy 🙂

Note: It’s about 41 kg (90 lb) including the weight of the dumbbell bar.
My current bodyweight is 82 kg (180 lb) at 178 cm (5ft 10in) height

HKC Run Away

Apparently the 3 moves I do lately (Swings, TGUs and Goblet Squats) are the nuts and bolts of the HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge).
In my previous post I mentioned that I intended to add 400m sprints to the mix.
Well I did.
That Friday I did exactly as written in that post.

This Wednesday and today I did it the following way:

With 32kg Kettlebell
20 A1H KB Sw | 1L-1R TGUs | 10 Gob. Sqts. | 90 s walk | 400 m sprint | 90 s walk
20 A1H KB Sw | 1L-1R TGUs | 10 Gob. Sqts. | 90 s walk | 400 m sprint | 90 s walk
With 24kg Kettlebell
30 A1H KB Sw | 2L-2R TGUs | 15 Gob. Sqts. | 90 s walk | 400m sprint | 90 s walk
30 A1H KB Sw | 1L-1R TGUs | 15 Gob. Sqts. | 90 s walk | 400m sprint | 90 s walk

Took me about 35 minutes to complete. As you see by dividing the reps with sprints I am back at my original rep counts (100 A1H KB Swings, 10 TGUs and 50 Goblet Squats) with the added sprint distance of 1600 meters (1 mile) and I’m not counting the distance I walk in between (which is about 900 meters).

Feel the burn 🙂

Experimental Endurance

I’m pretty happy with the RPT exercises I started doing lately. It takes around 20-25 minutes to complete depending on how good a day I am having.

Since I have made progress in gaining some strength, I decided it’s time to add some endurance enhancing routines.

First form of endurance training I will try to add will be running. 4 x 400 meters with about 90 seconds of rest in between.

I will cut back on my kettlebell reps and add the running as a finisher.

So tomorrow I will try this (not over strain myself):

Kettlebell Golden 3 Routine:
60 A1H KB Swings (24 with 32 kg – 36 with 24 kg)
6 TGUs (1L 32kg – 2L 24kg – 1R 32kg – 2R 24kg)
30 Goblet Squats (10 with 32 kg – 20 with 24kg)

Running Routine (Repeat 4 times):
90 second rest
400 m run as fast as possible (aiming for a time around 90 seconds or faster).

Quasi Reverse Pyramid Training with Kettlebells

For the last two weeks I went for a single routine with a 24 kg Kettlebell:

  • 100 Alternating One Handed Kettlebell Swings
  • 10 Turkish Get-Ups (5 Left 5 Right)
  • 50 Goblet Squats (Holding the KB right under my chin)

50 proper goblet squats with a 24 kg back to back is hard for me, so I take micro breaks (~15-30 seconds) in between the following sequence: 25-15-10-5

Well, you might ask where is the RPT (Reverse Pyramid Training) in that? A RPT usually involves the usage of different weights not just decreasing numbers of reps, right?

This week (so far), I did the above 40% with a 32 kg Kettlebell and 60% with a 24 kg Kettlebell:

  • 40 A1H KB Swings 32 kg – 60 A1H KB Swings 24 kg
  • 2 TGUs Left 32 kg – 3 TGUs Left 24 kg – 2 TGUs Right 32 kg – 3 TGUs Right 24 kg
  • 20 Goblet Squats 32 kg (10 break 10) – 30 Goblet Squats 24 kg (15 break 10 break 5)

Feel the burn baby 🙂

One Step Down For The Better

So 5 months ago, I got myself a 32 kg Kettlebell, thought I can handle it after successfully wielding a 32 kg dumbell in Turkish Get-ups.

Well, turned out that I am yet to develop the necessary grip strength to handle that thing in ballistic moves. Two handed swings are quite OK, one handed swings… not there yet, snatches… well these are the next step after one handed swings so not even close 🙂